What Happens at a Sound Therapy Session?

You will be asked to fill in a medical questionnaire detailing your emotional/physical history, your diet, details of medications you are taking etc, and send it back to me.

• Using pre-testing data on medications and other information, your own uniquely personal set of frequencies can be calculated. These frequencies can affect you on all levels.

• Also taken into account is the fact that your parents, husband, wife, partner and children and any other significant people or events in your life will also have an influence on you.

• Together your parent’s frequencies or energy fields containing those frequencies determine the energy environment you grow up in. Even before birth, this parental combination is building your makeup by adding to what you are.

• It is possible to see if there are inherited genetic and emotional tendencies. Taking the information on your medical problem, it is possible to find any significant frequencies that could help you even before looking at your voice.

For example, each medicine has its own frequency. By giving the frequency of the medicine as ‘sound’ it is possible for the individual to reduce the dosage of any medication that they may be dependent on. This can be desirable as most chemically derived medicines can have unpleasant effects, which become apparent in individuals according to their physical makeup. Note – any reduction in medication must only be done in conjunction with advice from your doctor.

• Bacteria and Viruses have their own resonant frequency too. It is possible to ‘antidote’ these signature frequencies with sound. Remember how your voice changes when you are ill with a cold or flu? This change in the voice is due to the presence of the new frequencies of the bacteria or virus that has overtaken your immune system.

• Each body chemical… amino acids, hormones, vitamins, minerals… all bio-chemicals, have their own unique frequency. If you are diabetic and lacking in Insulin production, then sound boosting frequencies can help your body to correct the balance.

• If you have a ‘chronic’ problem, then one of the issues we look at is when and where the problem began. Often overlooked by allopathic doctors, the state of stress we find ourselves in at various times in our lives can sometimes be at the root of chronic illness.

• If an emotional problem stays unresolved, it can create an on-going ‘niggle’ that develops into a larger physical problem. The aim is to go back to the root cause and resolve it, allowing natural healing to take place. There are frequencies that your body will associate with the emotional problem and will therefore ‘avoid’ them. This creates ‘holes’ in your voice, (missing notes on certain octaves). What follows is an inability of the body to communicate along certain chemical pathways. This can lead to dysfunction in the body.

Spectral and numerical voice analysis is required, and two voice recordings are taken using cutting-edge computer programs. This information is then analysed and frequencies at the brain wave level are calculated to 100th of a hertz that will bring the body back into balance.

The initial analysis of your voice gives vital clues to the root of your illness.

After analysis, individual specific sounds are calculated and then determined. Sound frequencies are tested with the client for maximum effectiveness, and when the appropriate frequencies are found, these selected sounds are given and programmed onto a tone box, or via a computer to a CD, iPod or MP3 player, so that the client can listen to them in their own home environment. All methods work well in combination.

The files must always be kept in a wav format. If you choose to use a tone box, this can be kept with you at all times without actually having to listen to the tones, and can also be kept playing under your pillow all night.

Common experiences when being sound tested are:

• Tingling sensations in various areas of the body.
• Warmth can be felt in unrelated areas of the body.
• Feeling very light, or very heavy
• Emotional release, such as laughter or tears.
• Feeling moving energy in the body.
• Finding it easier to breathe.
• Feeling exceptionally relaxed and peaceful, or alert and excited and happy
• Some experience strong visual images or emotions with different sounds.
• Feeling tingling or energy movement on one side of the body only.
• Feeling strong and elated.

The sounds you have will affect you on all levels – on the mind, body, and spirit; mental, physical and biochemical levels. As in any therapy, the help provided by sound therapy is like a bridge to get you from one place to another. We are not looking for you to become reliant on the sounds.

True healing involves the ability to release long-held emotions and habitual patterns, integrating this new learning and making it a permanent change. Once you have ‘crossed this bridge’ it is essential that you continue on your journey. Illness is often merely a case of being stuck – either in a belief, in your emotional state, a thought pattern, in your actions, or all of these things.

After three to four weeks of retraining your brainwaves by listening to your sounds, you are required to fill in a feedback questionnaire. This helps me to see whether you have started to make the frequencies for yourself, or whether you need to have sounds altered, sounds removed or sounds added.

Depending upon the rate of your improvement at a later stage you will require a re-check of your voice, and possible adjustment of the sounds. In this way, the momentum of your healing can be maintained.

Support is always available. It is welcomed that you keep in close contact by email or phone, and inform me of your progress on a regular basis.

I hope that this gives you a clear indication of what the therapy consists of and what to expect at an appointment.

There are so many different ways to use sound for healing! The best way to determine whether Sound Therapy is for you is to give it a try!

If you should have any questions please feel free to contact me.