What is Vibrational Re-Training Sound Therapy?

The one thing we all have in common is music. Music is the universal language. If you’re feeling sad or depressed, cheer yourself up and play happy and uplifting music!

High-frequency ultrasound is used for healing, and lower frequency patterns have been used to calm the mind, and promote a sense of well-being. Gallstones can usually be detected using an ultrasound scan, which uses high-frequency sound waves to create an image of the inside of the body. It can also be used to break up the plaque on our teeth, and also to follow foetal development in a non-invasive way.

The use of brainwave frequencies to induce an alpha or theta (sleep) state can be very beneficial as it is during this state that much natural healing occurs.

Sound Therapy or ‘Vibrational Retraining’ therapy with low-frequency sounds (within the known brainwave spectrum) reminds your mind and body to ‘remember’ your correct and original blueprint. It re-tunes and retrains your personal frequencies, bringing health and vitality back into your life.

This method addresses all levels of the body – the mental, physical, emotional, chemical, neuro-physical (brain/body) and cellular levels.

Sound frequencies can help to alleviate chronic health conditions, whether physical or emotional. It can be used beneficially and successfully for a whole host of conditions, including:

Autism and Asperger’s syndrome
Bipolar disorder
Behavioural problems/OCD’s/Phobia’s
Digestive problems/IBS
Emotional problems/stress/trauma
Heart problems
Hormone Imbalances
Infertility and pregnancy
Insomnia and sleep apnea
Joint pains/Fibromyalgia
Medical and Recreational Drug addiction
Mineral and vitamin mal-absorption
Motor Neurones Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Muscle problems
Nervousness and lack of confidence
Paralysis after stroke
Parkinson’s disease
Polyartritis Nodosa
Repetitive strain injury
Skin problems
Slow development (in children & adults)
Speech problems
Sports Injuries

Vibrational Retraining Sound Therapy can be applied to anyone suffering from any kind of ill health, syndrome or dis-ease. It can also be used to maintain health in already healthy individuals.